Thursday, August 23, 2012

Your Next Gig is in Your Living Room Performing for a Worldwide Crowd

Life on the road can be tough. Hustling gigs, struggling through late night breakfasts at hole-in-the-wall diners, waking up in dimly lit motel rooms that smell of stale cigarette smoke. But nobody said being a musician would be easy. If only there was a way to spend some more time at home without losing track of your fans and supporters. If only there was a way to broadcast a live show to a global audience.
There is now. In case you haven’t noticed, people around the world are increasingly getting online to meet their business, social networking, and entertainment needs. Why not give your fans an accessible and cutting-edge way to tune in to your performances as often as you like? That truck driver in New Hampshire that has purchased every one of your albums? Your admirer in Denmark that downloads every track you lay down? They can watch together as you perform your latest song from the comfort of your living room.
The possibilities are limited only by your creativity. Teaching music is a valuable and marketable skill. Maybe you already capitalize on this by giving some lessons here or there. How about expanding your teaching market to the entire world? Offer group lessons to budding musicians in China or give a musical lecture on the history of jazz to a community of college students.

The best part is that you are in total control. At you set your own prices and viewing times. For no cost, broadcast your live event in an advertisement free environment. Perform and then collect the revenue from your ticket sales. If it sounds simple and intuitive, that’s because it is. You have a community out there that is waiting to be reached out to. It’s time to give them what they want.

Dan Berwick
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