Thursday, August 23, 2012

Your Next Gig is in Your Living Room Performing for a Worldwide Crowd

Life on the road can be tough. Hustling gigs, struggling through late night breakfasts at hole-in-the-wall diners, waking up in dimly lit motel rooms that smell of stale cigarette smoke. But nobody said being a musician would be easy. If only there was a way to spend some more time at home without losing track of your fans and supporters. If only there was a way to broadcast a live show to a global audience.
There is now. In case you haven’t noticed, people around the world are increasingly getting online to meet their business, social networking, and entertainment needs. Why not give your fans an accessible and cutting-edge way to tune in to your performances as often as you like? That truck driver in New Hampshire that has purchased every one of your albums? Your admirer in Denmark that downloads every track you lay down? They can watch together as you perform your latest song from the comfort of your living room.
The possibilities are limited only by your creativity. Teaching music is a valuable and marketable skill. Maybe you already capitalize on this by giving some lessons here or there. How about expanding your teaching market to the entire world? Offer group lessons to budding musicians in China or give a musical lecture on the history of jazz to a community of college students.

The best part is that you are in total control. At you set your own prices and viewing times. For no cost, broadcast your live event in an advertisement free environment. Perform and then collect the revenue from your ticket sales. If it sounds simple and intuitive, that’s because it is. You have a community out there that is waiting to be reached out to. It’s time to give them what they want.

Dan Berwick
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Inspire Students Around the Globe with Live Broadcasts

That the world is shrinking is an obvious observation to anyone involved in the academic arena. It’s vital that schools and universities are on the forefront of innovation in order to reach out to students. Affordable and universal education is an ideal to strive towards for all teachers and administrators. Cutting edge technology has now made this ideal a reality. All it takes is a little ambition and imagination. Possessing the right combination of knowledge and curiosity, an effective professor can inspire young minds like no other. It’s a shame that her talents aren’t easily accessible to a large majority of the population. It’s a shame she can’t communicate her lectures and lessons to a worldwide classroom. Now at, she can. With a hassle free, intuitive setup, lavaview makes it simple to broadcast live events to a global audience in an advertisement-free environment. You’re in total control. You set the ticket prices and the time. Imagine your lecture being simulcast in several different auditoriums around the country. Imagine giving weekly lessons to a group of graduate students scattered across the globe. The options are limited only by your creativity. There is an entire community out there of enthusiastic pupils. They’re eager to absorb information, digest theories, and unleash their unlimited capabilities. They’re simply waiting for an opportunity, a spark to light their fire. This is your opportunity to step forward and energize a society of students you didn’t even realize you had. The world may be shrinking, but your potential is only growing.potential is only growing.


 Dan Berwick

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Bring the Laughs Around the World from your Hometown Comedy Club

Another sold out Saturday night. The jokes are flying and the audience is rolling in the aisles. Things have been going great at your club. People are driving from a hundred miles out to catch the act of their favorite comedian. At last, the headliner steps up to the plate and takes the mic off the stand with ease. He sighs deeply, the crowd already chuckling in anticipation, awaiting one of his trademark rants. You sit back to enjoy the show. Comedians receive requests from fans around the world to make an appearance in their small town. Sadly, their pleas are often futile. Maybe there is no comedy club in town. Maybe it’s too far out of the way. Maybe the rampant bear attacks intimidate the talent. Whatever the case, these fans are left desperate and frantically search for low quality bootlegs just to get a glimpse of their favorite comics. If the audience can’t quite get to your comedy club, why not bring the comedy club to them? A live broadcast of of the show beamed directly into their living rooms, letting them hear the routines, the laughter of the crowd, the heckles and the groans of live comedy. Reach out to this potential audience and let them become part of the atmosphere. You set ticket prices and viewing times. For no cost, broadcast your live event in an advertisement free environment. Stretch the size of your comedy club to include a bar across the nation, or a college dorm across the world. offers freedom and a simple and intuitive setup that puts you in charge. Now take charge and reach out to that limitless audience. They’re waiting for you.


 Dan Berwick

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Broadcast Local Sports Events to Fans Across the Globe

The high school football game fills the stands once again. And why not? The great thing about sports is that an event can be exciting at just about any skill level. Just watch any little-league baseball game for a vocal example. A parent of a young athlete will scream and cheer as if they were at the World Series. Friends and family from afar cannot show their support at local games. Why not make it simple and convenient for them to support young athletes from a distance? With a live broadcast of your sporting event it becomes easy to expand the audience to that of beyond the bleachers. Student athletics. Amateur roller-derby. Doubles 8-ball. Every sport has its own following of dedicated fans waiting at the chance to share events and become a community. Professional boxers sometimes take home a “purse” worth tens of millions of dollars for a one night show. While some of this money comes from ticket buyers watching an event in person, a huge number of dollars comes from the massive pay-per-view audience watching from the comfort of their homes. The power of broadcasting live sporting events is staggering. At, that power belongs to you. You set the ticket prices and the schedule, providing the viewers with a live broadcast in a advertisement-free environment. Now give those fans something to cheer about.

 Dan Berwick 


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Monday, August 20, 2012

Proclaim Your Love to Friends and Family Around the World

Consider a perfect day.  Maybe it’s a little out of reach, but it’s an ideal to strive towards.  After all, a wedding day is potentially a once in a lifetime event.  The bride has been preparing for months, carefully sending out invitations and heedfully planning seating arrangements.  Then just weeks before the big day, she receives two cancellations from close relatives due to work emergencies.  If they could only find a way to watch her wedding live from their home or office, they could still be with her in spirit.
            Or consider a spontaneous romance.  Two young wanderers meet in London, fall in love, and travel the world together.  They meet one another’s friends and family in their respective hometowns.  They end up in Morocco and decide to elope.  Though not big planners, they would still love to invite their loved ones to share in their special evening.  
            A live wedding broadcast is only one of many ways you can use for your personal application.  From birthday parties to family reunions, the events and gatherings you choose to broadcast are only limited by your creativity.  To event professionals and party planners, the idea of offering live rehearsals and demonstrations to a remote audience is definitely striking.
            It seems like everyone has got a busy schedule nowadays.  It can be an overwhelming ordeal to gather a group of people together in one place at any given time.  Instead, be creative and resourceful.  Invite them all to join you in a live broadcast of your wedding, celebration, or graduation.  Let your friends and family participate from across the globe.

Dan Berwick

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Future Is Now: Personal Training for a Global Audience

The Future Is Now:  Personal Training for a Global Audience

The game is changing.  We’ve become an online world.  More people are acquiring internet capabilities every day, and the public spends an increasing amount of time using the web for both business and pleasure.  Friends communicate instantly, and commercial connections can be made with clients on the other side of the world.

For progressive professionals in the fitness industry, there is certainly no exception.  A potential problem arises, though, in the highly personalized field of fitness training.  How can trainers, who need to build and cultivate intimate relationships with clients, maintain a high level of one-on-one communication with their customers in an online environment?

With a little creative thinking, the answer becomes obvious.  Simply imagine.  Imagine yourself showcasing your personality to potential clients around the world.  Imagine yourself broadcasting daily personal training sessions to busy businessmen who can’t get out of their offices.  Imagine yourself leading a dynamic group exercise program with an eager crowd of international students.  The possibilities are limited only by your creativity. 

Cutting-edge technology and an intuitive user interface means that now is the time to upgrade your fitness training business to a global powerhouse.  The game is changing.  It’s time to step up yours.

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Article by
Dan Berwick
Media Contact
Antonio P. Gambrell

The Future of Fitness: Forecasting Trends in the Training Industry

The History of Physical Culture

Fitness as a lifestyle has a long history, dating back to classical times. In ancient Greece, strength training was a way of life, and the fittest athletes won fame and fortune in the Olympic Games. Centuries later, carnivals would feature a usually mustachioed strongman hoisting unwieldy barbells above his head to the awe and delight of onlookers.
As the 20th century saw the birth of broadcast television, a strong and wiry Jack LaLanne took the country by storm, and young men everywhere began to idolize the muscled physiques they witnessed on television and in print magazines. Soon, another fitness craze was born when Dr. Kenneth Cooper developed aerobics. The fitness movement began to expand rapidly and eventually evolved into a full-fledged industry.
Technological triumphs continued to lay the groundwork for fitness entrepreneurs. The release of VHS and its eventual replacement by DVD’s meant people could work out in the comfort of their homes but still retain the guidance of a knowledgeable and charismatic trainer. Now, even game consoles are getting in on the action, by offering fun exercise games featuring aerobics, yoga, and stretching. These games are utilized by health clubs and even nursing homes for the elderly.

The Expanding Exercise Industry

These impressive technologies also changed the overall character of the general workforce. More people began to work in offices and increasingly at home, leaving behind jobs with long hours of manual labor. As consumers searched for an outlet to nurture their neglected physicality, gym memberships and regular exercise regimens became the norm.
For these reasons, personal training is now one of the fastest growing occupational fields. More and more individuals are looking for ways to get their feet in the door. And why not? Working in the fitness industry allows individuals to be independent, earn a substantial income, and make a difference in people’s lives. It’s truly a fulfilling job in more ways than one.
Personal training is defined by its nomenclature. It’s an intimate client-teacher relationship, and a trainer’s career is built by reputation and in many ways, personality. To be successful, a new technology must allow a personal trainer to capture his or her individuality. The internet fulfills these needs, and has already begun to once again transform the ever-developing industry.

The Future of Personal Training

By broadcasting live events, a personal trainer can now effectively work with clients remotely. All that’s needed is an internet connection and a webcam. Trainers can showcase their personality, create personalized training plans for individual clients, and lead group lessons with participants from around the world. By monetizing their live sessions regularly, trainers can amass a global audience that is both profitable and personally engaging.
More people sign up for web services everyday. Concurrently, more people seek out ways to become more physically fit in a hassle-free environment. Just as magazines, television, and the video revolution before it, these new online capabilities will usher in a new era of the fitness industry. With its focus on interpersonal relationships, the internet is especially conducive to personal trainers, turning the entire planet into a potential studio.

Dan Berwick

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