Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Future Is Now: Personal Training for a Global Audience

The Future Is Now:  Personal Training for a Global Audience

The game is changing.  We’ve become an online world.  More people are acquiring internet capabilities every day, and the public spends an increasing amount of time using the web for both business and pleasure.  Friends communicate instantly, and commercial connections can be made with clients on the other side of the world.

For progressive professionals in the fitness industry, there is certainly no exception.  A potential problem arises, though, in the highly personalized field of fitness training.  How can trainers, who need to build and cultivate intimate relationships with clients, maintain a high level of one-on-one communication with their customers in an online environment?

With a little creative thinking, the answer becomes obvious.  Simply imagine.  Imagine yourself showcasing your personality to potential clients around the world.  Imagine yourself broadcasting daily personal training sessions to busy businessmen who can’t get out of their offices.  Imagine yourself leading a dynamic group exercise program with an eager crowd of international students.  The possibilities are limited only by your creativity. 

Cutting-edge technology and an intuitive user interface means that now is the time to upgrade your fitness training business to a global powerhouse.  The game is changing.  It’s time to step up yours.

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Article by
Dan Berwick
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Antonio P. Gambrell

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