Monday, August 20, 2012

Proclaim Your Love to Friends and Family Around the World

Consider a perfect day.  Maybe it’s a little out of reach, but it’s an ideal to strive towards.  After all, a wedding day is potentially a once in a lifetime event.  The bride has been preparing for months, carefully sending out invitations and heedfully planning seating arrangements.  Then just weeks before the big day, she receives two cancellations from close relatives due to work emergencies.  If they could only find a way to watch her wedding live from their home or office, they could still be with her in spirit.
            Or consider a spontaneous romance.  Two young wanderers meet in London, fall in love, and travel the world together.  They meet one another’s friends and family in their respective hometowns.  They end up in Morocco and decide to elope.  Though not big planners, they would still love to invite their loved ones to share in their special evening.  
            A live wedding broadcast is only one of many ways you can use for your personal application.  From birthday parties to family reunions, the events and gatherings you choose to broadcast are only limited by your creativity.  To event professionals and party planners, the idea of offering live rehearsals and demonstrations to a remote audience is definitely striking.
            It seems like everyone has got a busy schedule nowadays.  It can be an overwhelming ordeal to gather a group of people together in one place at any given time.  Instead, be creative and resourceful.  Invite them all to join you in a live broadcast of your wedding, celebration, or graduation.  Let your friends and family participate from across the globe.

Dan Berwick

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