Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bring the Laughs Around the World from your Hometown Comedy Club

Another sold out Saturday night. The jokes are flying and the audience is rolling in the aisles. Things have been going great at your club. People are driving from a hundred miles out to catch the act of their favorite comedian. At last, the headliner steps up to the plate and takes the mic off the stand with ease. He sighs deeply, the crowd already chuckling in anticipation, awaiting one of his trademark rants. You sit back to enjoy the show. Comedians receive requests from fans around the world to make an appearance in their small town. Sadly, their pleas are often futile. Maybe there is no comedy club in town. Maybe it’s too far out of the way. Maybe the rampant bear attacks intimidate the talent. Whatever the case, these fans are left desperate and frantically search for low quality bootlegs just to get a glimpse of their favorite comics. If the audience can’t quite get to your comedy club, why not bring the comedy club to them? A live broadcast of of the show beamed directly into their living rooms, letting them hear the routines, the laughter of the crowd, the heckles and the groans of live comedy. Reach out to this potential audience and let them become part of the atmosphere. You set ticket prices and viewing times. For no cost, broadcast your live event in an advertisement free environment. Stretch the size of your comedy club to include a bar across the nation, or a college dorm across the world. offers freedom and a simple and intuitive setup that puts you in charge. Now take charge and reach out to that limitless audience. They’re waiting for you.


 Dan Berwick

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