Thursday, August 23, 2012

Broadcast Local Sports Events to Fans Across the Globe

The high school football game fills the stands once again. And why not? The great thing about sports is that an event can be exciting at just about any skill level. Just watch any little-league baseball game for a vocal example. A parent of a young athlete will scream and cheer as if they were at the World Series. Friends and family from afar cannot show their support at local games. Why not make it simple and convenient for them to support young athletes from a distance? With a live broadcast of your sporting event it becomes easy to expand the audience to that of beyond the bleachers. Student athletics. Amateur roller-derby. Doubles 8-ball. Every sport has its own following of dedicated fans waiting at the chance to share events and become a community. Professional boxers sometimes take home a “purse” worth tens of millions of dollars for a one night show. While some of this money comes from ticket buyers watching an event in person, a huge number of dollars comes from the massive pay-per-view audience watching from the comfort of their homes. The power of broadcasting live sporting events is staggering. At, that power belongs to you. You set the ticket prices and the schedule, providing the viewers with a live broadcast in a advertisement-free environment. Now give those fans something to cheer about.

 Dan Berwick 


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