Monday, September 17, 2012

Live Pay-Per-View Broadcasts Made Easy

Emerging Company Brings Simplicity and Sophistication to Live Video Broadcasts; Offers Dynamic Options to Users Free of Charge

ATLANTA, Georgia -- As struggling small businesses search for ways to effectively utilize web resources, internet technology continues in its rapid acceleration.  Stepping in to fill the gap between companies and users, is up and running, and grants anyone with a camera and a computer the chance to broadcast live events and monetize them free of charge. 
            “Live video broadcasting is about 4-6 years old and consumer level broadcasting is about 2-3 years old,” says Leonard Gambrell, the owner and CEO of the company behind  “We are in the midst of an industry change that will soon reach more consumers and become adopted even faster than before.”
            The process is streamlined thanks to an intuitive user interface.  Broadcasters stream video at no cost while connected to  A live feed is sent out to the audience, who pay-per-view, tuning in on their computers or projecting the event for a larger crowd.  Broadcasters are in control of time and ticket costs and pocket 70% of the ticket price.  

Not Just for Small Businesses

            While small business owners and savvy entrepreneurs are certainly some of LavaView’s delighted clients, the company is fully capable of supporting large-scale operations thanks to a strategic and flexible Content Delivery Network.  With Tier 1 CDN partners located near their origin servers, LavaView provides advanced, scalable bandwidth and content delivery to support even the most critical of demands. 
                LavaView offers a number of ways to partner with the site.  Besides broadcasting events, users can sign up as a membership-based website, and there are programs in place for sales affiliates to earn substantially. 
            “As you may have discovered, our company does things a little differently,” says Gambrell.   “This is why we don’t charge sales representatives or broadcasters a dime to be a part of our system.  My personal belief is ‘Why hurt the people that are willing to help you?’”

Interactive Technology:  LavaView MAD (Media App Designer)

   is actively seeking new ways to remain innovative and competitive.  They’ve recently launched a product that allows broadcasters the ability to integrate applications to create a compelling interactive experience. 
            With their new Media App Designer, users can utilize features such as real-time information input, screen manipulation, advertisement rotation, and remote control functions.  Once again, primary importance is placed on ease of use.  The program is web-based and requires no installation for broadcasters or viewers. 
            From musicians to comedians, from educators to fitness trainers, the possibilities of integrating live broadcasts to a current business model are limited only by the imagination.  The only question to ask is posed by Gambrell himself; “How will you use LavaView?”

About LavaView is an innovative service dedicated to bringing the potential of live monetized broadcasts to users around the world.  Lava view’s core beliefs are in simplicity, accessibility, and user choice and control.  They offer a variety of partnership programs with generous compensation.  LavaView was founded in June 2012 by Leonard Gambrell.


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