Thursday, August 23, 2012

Inspire Students Around the Globe with Live Broadcasts

That the world is shrinking is an obvious observation to anyone involved in the academic arena. It’s vital that schools and universities are on the forefront of innovation in order to reach out to students. Affordable and universal education is an ideal to strive towards for all teachers and administrators. Cutting edge technology has now made this ideal a reality. All it takes is a little ambition and imagination. Possessing the right combination of knowledge and curiosity, an effective professor can inspire young minds like no other. It’s a shame that her talents aren’t easily accessible to a large majority of the population. It’s a shame she can’t communicate her lectures and lessons to a worldwide classroom. Now at, she can. With a hassle free, intuitive setup, lavaview makes it simple to broadcast live events to a global audience in an advertisement-free environment. You’re in total control. You set the ticket prices and the time. Imagine your lecture being simulcast in several different auditoriums around the country. Imagine giving weekly lessons to a group of graduate students scattered across the globe. The options are limited only by your creativity. There is an entire community out there of enthusiastic pupils. They’re eager to absorb information, digest theories, and unleash their unlimited capabilities. They’re simply waiting for an opportunity, a spark to light their fire. This is your opportunity to step forward and energize a society of students you didn’t even realize you had. The world may be shrinking, but your potential is only growing.potential is only growing.


 Dan Berwick

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